Monday, June 25, 2012

Anger management - “tame the beast within you “

Anger defined

Anger is a fundamental human emotion and a natural response to conditions beyond our control. Anger is an emotion that is momentary and is a combination of both physical and emotional provocation. What really induces anger is unknown and it varies among people with different personalities. Seeking an effective treatment for your exact situation is definitely not “mission impossible”!

Anger just makes situations worse, so why get angry?

Anger disorders are mainly developed due to suppression of stress, pain and wrath. If you don’t disclose and confess your real situation, and put up a good front by hiding your true feelings and emotions, this is when these disorders get propagated.  If you have suffered from loss, physical abuse and severe trauma do not lose hope. The good news is that are effective management treatments, which have answers to all your problems.  Anger treatment is very necessary for you to get back to a normal and more fulfilling life.

Factors that lead to Anger disorders

  • Strict and harsh parenting
  • Unresolved misery and anguish
  • Lack of social skills
  • Sensory Integration Dysfunction
  • Mood disorder
  • Sexual, physical and mental trauma
Therapy in anger management – “solution to a contented and prosperous future”

By preparing our mind to handle infuriating situations in a more realistic and practical manner, we can free ourselves from a lot of mental suffering. The factors that are mentioned above can be immense grief to handle, but anger management therapy can bring about a vast amount of difference in you!

  • Long walks, exercises like yoga and aerobics
  • Meditation and prayers- relax and calm yourself
  • Distract your mind with some humor
  • In serious cases  counseling and seeking professional help would suffice

Overcome your anger with patience, and bring out the best in you!

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