Monday, July 16, 2012

Spend more time with parents

Between parents and children there is a difference between generations. This difference could be a distance at certain stages of life, for example, when the child is a teenager. In that case, he prefers to be with his friends, discuss topics of their age. However, in adulthood, parents and children come back again in a more equal relationship. But parents are the most important one we have in life, people who make and give us the best of themselves for the family they have formed. Therefore, it is worth spending more time with them, assuming precisely that by natural law, they will march in this world before their children.
Man makes the mistake of much value when lost. Therefore, it should not wait until it is too late to learn to say I love you, have gestures of affection and spend as much time as possible with the parents. It should also be taken into account, that as they get older, they need more protection, more love, more strength and motivation.
And, parents, even if they say, they expect their children the love they have for life. Thus, as in childhood, there are children who may have emotional deprivation at not receiving much attention by their parents, also happens in reverse: in old age, some parents have emotional deprivation and empty because their children are not realizing that the reality is different. That is, that should give the best of themselves instead of focusing on receive. Family plans are rewarding and also taking pictures is also good to have memories of that moment beyond time. Take care of your parents and enjoy their company.

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