Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Games: London 2012

On Friday, the thirtieth opened Olympic Games , a ceremony was one of the best kept secrets in recent weeks. British filmmaker Danny Boyle was commissioned to create the art performance in the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, wanting to give a tribute to British culture, covering the history and memory of the British since the Industrial Revolution to the present. It involved the participation of 10,000 volunteers in the opening ceremony and a budget of 34 million euros. As if it were a musical, the show went over the history of this country, with the help of thousands of volunteers, celebrities, writers, musicians and even the queen herself, who was first represented herself in a film.

The event started at 20.12 giving a nod to the year of the Games, more than 97 farm animals in which they were, cows (3), sheep (70), horses (12), chickens (10), dogs, goats (2) and ducks waiting in the meadow of the Olympic Stadium, where a group of players with long pants fought an impromptu party in the country home of football. Boyle gave an overview of the history Britain, becoming the Olympic stadium in a replica of the English countryside with its meadows, rivers and animals, before moving to the transformation that led to the Industrial Revolution.
Between a musical and another five Olympic rings appeared on the giant stage and melted in an explosion of fire, while colored lights projected on the stands. After the Industrial Revolution and the reference to women's suffrage, a colorful spectacle of nurses was the birth of the British National Health Service after World War II. With their uniforms and pushing hospital beds, flooded the Olympic stage accompanied by numerous children, in an event that recalled the creation of a service based on the principle of Welsh Labour politician Aneurin Bevan who said " no civilized society can be called if a person patient care is denied for lack of resources " .

Children's literature also had a reference from the hand of the writer JK. Rowling , the creator of the magical stories of Harry Potter , which appeared to read an initial fragment of the classic tale of Scottish JMBarrie , Peter Pan . appeared giant puppets of Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil and Voldemort,  trying to recreate the nightmares suffered by children sick. Then, it was the turn of Mary Poppins , dozens of them descending from the sky to ward off evil demons of the night and cause a jump of joy.
This was not the only reference film making, he could not miss Daniel Craig playing the world's most famous spy, James Bond , accompanying herself Queen of England to the event from a helicopter that would later be thrown (two doubles were obviously the that parachuted).
The 80,000 Olympic spectators could also enjoy the amazing appearance of the actor Kenneth Branaghreciting William Shakespeare , the musician Mike Oldfield playing 'Tubular Bells' or sympathetic Rowan Atkinson plays his beloved character ' Mr. Bean ' in a simulation of the classic film ' Chariots of Fire '.

In a new epoch close to the 1980, several British actors appeared to represent a party Saturday night, which included some of the songs most representative of British music: The Beatles , Queen , The Rolling Stones , David Bowie , Sex Pistols and The Animals , among others.
It also represented the character of Billy Elliot , the film tells the story of a boy in northern England who becomes a ballet star. Images showed films like Four Weddings and a Funeral , Planet of the Apes ,Chaplin , The Lady and the Tramp , Romeo and Juliet , Wall-E and Trainspotting .

From music and movies, went to technology, paying tribute to Tim Berners-Lee , inventor of the World Wide Web. was followed by a review of the leading characters at any time the Olympic flame from the ignition of the same in Greece. After that came the Olympic torch aboard a speedboat on the Thames from the hand of footballer David Beckham , while appearing fireworks lighting the Tower Bridge, in parallel with a montage depicting the struggle between life and death.

Apparently there has been a success for the British film in 2009, a British film with no stars, set in India and musical numbers, surprised the world and became the most awarded film of the awards that year for eight Oscar statuettes, including Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture and Best Director. Since then it has boosted the popularity of the director, which has facilitated the Games organizers to trust him for the opening of the Games, and 2008 was made with Chinese Zhang Yimou in the ceremony of Beijing.

The filmmaker dedicated the ceremony to the 15,000 volunteers who participated in the show, also in a press conference prior to the event, wanted to remember her father, who died a few months ago and would fulfill the same birthday of the inauguration, he was the one from he passed his little Olympic spirit.

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