Monday, June 18, 2012

How to become slim and beautiful?

Become thin and beautiful is the wish of many women. Be the best application to meet certain simple rules and good habits.

Eating Well
Losing weight healthily and become more beautiful often requires re balancing food. Make 3 meals a day at regular times, taking your time to chew the food is easily assimilated by the stomach. No more snacking between meals, these sweets are too salty, too sweet and / or too fat.

They hold up to twenty sugar per liter, nothing like it to grow. At worst, give yourself two fruit juice per day, and proceed to light.

To be beautiful and also to be thin, only endurance sports are effective in getting lean. But know that the decrease in fat mass is only visible after 50-60min minimum of sport, regardless of its intensity.
Consider swimming, cycling and running you will make at least one hour, 2-3 times a week. Go easy especially if you start or resume, otherwise you risk injury and discouragement fast.
Note that the sport is effective over time, so be persistent.

Do I Market
Once your lifestyle will have improved, and before being sexy and beautiful forever, you will still learn 2-3 things to sell yourself. The right hairstyle
It is essential to become a beautiful woman. Adapted to the shape of your face it will correct gaps in your face. Hairdressers or beauticians Prefer those who specialize in working makeover.

The right makeup and right cloth
We do not make up the same way if one has a white skin, black or mast. To be beautiful, we must take this into account and use the colors to suit your dermis, and eventually learn to cheat, to hide the cheeks too important example. Add any false eyelashes to make your look more sexy.


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