Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding plan for a bride

It is not always easy to organize a big party, such as marriage. Different preparations and stress can affect your beauty. Here are some tips to help you get ready mentally and physically for the big day. Do not hesitate to draw up a schedule if necessary and to complete all the details of your preparations.

Two months before Wedding Day

Two months before the big day, remember to keep your skin by eating only foods rich in vitamins and trace elements, such as fruits and vegetables. Such a diet will help keep skin hydrated and radiant health.
Fill your diet with a beauty treatment, frequently applying the moisturizer on your face and body every morning and evening before bedtime. Prefer the products of good quality and appropriate to the nature of your skin to prevent skin problems.

Four to six weeks before Wedding Day

Fixing your appointment at the hairdresser and makeup should be done four to six weeks before the big day. Feel free to search online or visit various beauty salons to find the best deal of benefit.
During your tenure at the beauty parlor, ask the beautician a few choices of hair and makeup. Feel free to experiment if necessary.

Two weeks before Wedding Day

The last two weeks before the big day will be devoted to the treatment of hair. To have healthy hair , consider using revitalizing treatments.
Two applications of these products are given a week to make the brightest hair shafts and repair broken teeth due to the different attacks.

A week before the big day

To have a perfect body on her wedding day, schedule appointments with different beauty institutes. Care pedicures and manicures are highly recommended.
Do you offer a hair removal session. However, avoid waxing to irritate the skin or make it too bright.
The day before the wedding

The last day before the wedding, apply a mask over your eyes to eliminate dark circles.
To avoid fatigue marks, follow the 8 hours of sleep.

The wedding day

For peace of mind throughout the day, remember to slip into your handbag some cosmetics for any alterations. You can bring a box of makeup, nail polish and hair pins.
Relax and smile! You are gorgeous!

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