Monday, June 4, 2012

Does my partner is possessive?

A good romantic relationship is based on trust and communication. Early in the relationship, both partners must be aware that they have different life styles and both have the right to do whatever they want to do. Does your partner is possessive?

Here's how to recognize a possessive partner!

Does your partner wants to control you?

The first sign of possessiveness and possessiveness of a partner is wanting to control everything and know everything. That is to say you have a possessive partner if he wants you to know where you are at all times of day. Your partner is too possessive if he calls you and you do not answer because you're in the gym or in the shower and he gets angry against you because you do not answer. In this case, your partner wants to have control, he wants to know everything and your partner is possessive and wants the same rule you.

Does your partner call you several times a day?

So he wants to know everything you do! He has no confidence and this is why he wants to know where you are and especially those with you.

Does your partner does not have any friends?

In the couple, your partner always says he has no friends because he always prefers to be with you. Thus it is possessive and for him it is normal to spend his free time with you.
Be careful, it's not good to be the only friend of your partner! So it will try to indirectly convince you to do everything for him but also to lead your life.

Does your partner tell you what to wear?

For example, you suggest to wear green because green is her favorite color. Similarly, he always wants to go with you to shop and he advises you what clothes to bring out your body and your assets even if you do not want to know your opinion.

These are among the signs of possessiveness and jealousy so be careful, talk freely with him because of his possessiveness brings separation in your marriage!

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