Monday, December 3, 2012

12 tips to go green

1. Decrease the garbage we generate, and promote recycling as much as possible. And reuse materials that allow it.

2. Reduce the use of disposable utensils, office carries a cup for coffee, washed and reused plates, cups and plastic cutlery you use to house parties, use cloth napkins, etc.

3. Use only enough water and avoid contamination. Make maintenance of pipes at home, turn off the tap when you brush, or wash the dishes, no oil cans for the dishwasher, teaches children not to play with the water.

4. Leave wild or exotic species in their natural habitat, not take home, or worse not buy. If you want a pet, there are many pets that need homes.

5. Do not print unnecessary documents, rely on the convenience offered by new technologies.

6. Perhaps a good way to support green initiatives is knowing the environmental commitments of your favorite brands.

7. Acquires less packaged products, or at least can find some use the package or kit. If you do not use them.

8. Avoid generating noise, also remember that there is noise pollution.

9. Conserve soil, do not throw trash and debris where Andes. The same applies to the mountain, beach, city, etc..

10. If possible ask yourself the goal of planting a tree, and urges your household do the same.

11. The most important, form and educate your family, your environment disclosed in these or other advice, or better yet create your own and make them echo through your actions.

12. Remember that one's rights end where others'. Act responsibly, supportive, cooperative and respectful of all living things.

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