Monday, November 19, 2012

Make healthier from fast food

We all know and know the reputation of fast foods and of course it goes without saying that leading a diet that fast food is one of the main options can give us many problems of health in both the short and long term.

To write the much coveted fast food, you must first try to endure the temptation of "bigger is better." is impossible to resist enlarge the menu for so little money and if this enlarges the drink, burger and fries, but with increasing ration, also will increase accordingly the amount of calories, fats and sugars that we take the body.

To try to reduce the amount of calories in fast food we must take into account a few simple tips:

Choose well with you accompany your meals , mostly in pizza and hamburger. Because as you know, is not the same accompany your meal with a salad, with a serving of bacon or cheese.
Minimizing fried , we know that in these places is very difficult or impossible, but it is better to stay at home eating some fruits and healthy food to go to one of these fast food restaurants. Dinner or lunch at home.
You do not need a liter of soda for lunch, although due to salt and flavor of these foods is likely to increase thirst, so we need to do is drink water.
In conclusion , fast food is not healthy by any means, but we can minimize calories to eat if we reduce our ration size. Needless to say, it is not advisable to regularly attend such establishments as we will greatly diminishing our health .

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