Monday, November 5, 2012

Child Bedroom in white and pink

Many girls who are attracted to pink and consider it their favorite color. A shared tastes and so many moms are still emerging proposals to decorate the nursery in any of their ranges, and may go from pastel roses the most intense fuchsia.

For now we will see some children's bedrooms decorated in white and pink, a combination that has always been very successful by how attractive it is. In the first picture we see that all elements play an important role, as the white lacquered furniture with areas highlighted in pink, specifically the drawers. 

The rest is made ​​up of all color wallpaper with white background and small buds dotted, and the touch of color incorporates upper socket that has been painted in fuchsia. Added decorative objects like stuffed animals, curtains and screens are the end point for a pink room total. Since most of the elements used pastels, the overall result of this type of decoration is not recharged, and it is thanks to the addition of white as a counterpoint to all other colors.

Within the same framework of dividing walls between fuchsia paint and wallpaper , are the last two bedrooms. In both cases, all pieces of furniture are finished blank only. Here are the details that give the game accessories to the white-pink combination . An advantage of the latter option is that over the years, you can take advantage of the furniture so that you will find it easy to combine with less childish colors.

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