Thursday, September 20, 2012

Positive Thinking and Problem Solving Act

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the accumulation of negative things that happen to us. Everything goes wrong at once. For some strange reason sometimes life is like that. Most of the time we can only keep thinking negative things that are going to backfire causing more problems.
What most people do is to believe things that are transient and resolve to be alone, it's just a matter of waiting. This is a serious mistake and that doing nothing is not the best solution.

It is a law fairly obvious but not everyone is when things get ugly. Below is an example of how it might work this law:
Who has not done that is stuck in traffic for a long time, even hours wasting valuable time. Most people only complained, he will blame the authorities, traffic or bad luck for choosing that route.
But if we apply the law of the variety, rather than focusing on the problem we will focus on finding the positive part of the problem.
Let's start thinking like being stuck in traffic is converted into an opportunity . The first thing we could do is to think that another route could take in the future. You also have to think of ways to take advantage of this apparent time lost. If you like audiobooks, might be a good idea while listening to one traffic flows.
What if you hear one on how to increase your productivity or one on how to improve your relationships? There are many good free downloadable audio books online.
You can use this time to give a quick overview of the tasks remaining to be done and have to start planning as will complete. Think about other issues and focus on how to fix them. The point is to look for positive things from adversity.
This article is a good complement to my other article: Focus on the solution and not the problem to deal with problems from other perspectives that may not even know.

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