Monday, September 24, 2012

Samsung attacks the iPhone 5 in a commercial

It seems that conflicts between Apple  and Samsung  will take to finish, because now their problems are not only trying to court, claims and collections billionaires, but went further, attacking in the field of advertising. This time the blow gave South Korea to launch a commercial for your product Samsung Galaxy SIII criticizing buyers the Cupertino company, within the ad showing the new smartphone from the company on the block does not compete against New Galaxy, same as was released before the iPhone 5.

The commercial, which is called "The next big thing is already here" , is very clear as it displays images of youth in long rows for the expected launch of a new product (which for obvious reasons we believe it is the iPhone 5). While fans are lining the block mark speak excited about the news that will bring the new phone to have waited for a long time, until they start sidetracked due to see some people making use of the new smartphone from Samsung  , diverting the attention of fans of  Apple  's new phone to Samsung  .

Now we just wait to see the response that will result in people, and this advertising as a relevant impact on sales of the iPhone 5 has already started selling in several countries.

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