Monday, September 17, 2012

Tips to bring the best makeup in the office

How beautiful and professional me?

This makes the most of the time our routine before leaving the house is so tight, that we have no time for make-up and ready to get settled and regal at the office. But I probably do not know how. If this is your case, do not worry!, Here I give you a few tips for you to apply makeup the right way to work .
One thing that is super important is to remember that you're going to work, not to a party! So avoid strong tones and ornate makeup . That alone will make you look like a person misplaced and distasteful. If you like bright colors, you have the weekend to use them.

Fix your makeup : should last you all day. Uses a consistent basis with the color of your skin, concealer for dark circles and pressed powder to seal.

Cheeks : if we stay with the base only our face may look pale and sad. Add color with a blush and not overdo it, remember that we want to look natural .

Eyes : Apply shadows in neutral colors, rosewood or coffee, which combine with full color of clothing. Put the darkest color along the lashes and clearer under the eyebrow. Avoid cool colors like green and blue. Outlines the top of your eyelid and clear!, Do not forget the mascara to highlight your eyes.

Lips : Ideally, use a neutral color as a base and apply a gloss on top to give it a special glow. The deep red definitely not!

Your nails : depending on what type of job you have is the color that you're gonna get. If you have contact with people all day, then logically you must have your fingernails painted and decorated (well earned). I advise a tone classic nude or pink. Also the simple designs of flowers and clear coats are ideal.
The retouching : in the office are all day, it is logical that our makeup may be disappearing. To keep it, you can apply again pressed powders, a little blush and a new Pasadena of gloss after your snack.

I leave you with a tutorial that can also help you make your makeup stepper office . It takes practice, certainly, as the days go by, it will make it much easier.
You can always keep in your wallet or in your office your vanity basic touch up during the day. Do not forget that you yourself are your cover letter and your office makeup should be elegant, understated and natural to represent in the best way your professionalism.

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