Monday, October 15, 2012

Points to consider for a job interview

When it comes to finding work , one of the most important things, along with the proper preparation of our curriculum , is the interview, whether personal or group. In this case we will give you the keys to successful personal interview.

1. Proper attire . The first thing you will see upon entering the interviewer will be our appearance . Many people think that for certain jobs where you do not need to go fixed, you can go "street" to the interview. However, many statistics show that for any type of position are more likely to succeed if you arranged. This does not mean go gala (suit or dress), just something neat.

2. Aspect and appropriate gestures . Following the image intended to give in the first eye contact we have with the interviewer , focus also on the look. If we take the right clothes but we unwashed, or combing, or just our face reflects not just the best day, can have a negative influence on the course of the interview. And, in the same way that our dress reflects part of our personality , our range of gesture and form make do something physically speaking is also taken into account. In this case, no need to go up like a door or bring a "wedding hairstyle", but if you have to take care of these aspects to showcase our best part.

3. tone of voice . Another essential aspect that also have to do with the image is the tone of voice we use in the interview , as they show another part of our personality. Be careful not to use an aggressive tone, not go fast or, of course, cut the interviewer. These issues will not help you get a job.

4. Punctuality . It's very important, because punctuality in interviews demonstrates, among other things, that person is responsible . To do this, you should check out home in case there is any mishap, and so have no problem reaching the agreed time. If you arrive early, you better shop around the area and arrive 5 minutes early.

5. study of the key points of the company . In an interview we need to show the interviewer that really interested the company offering the vacancy. It is therefore advisable to have a look at their website and be able to summarize his philosophy . This way, you can link these points with your focus of interest when asked. And if you asked it is highly recommended to get the theme.


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