Monday, October 8, 2012

A Simple Technique to Save Money Everyday Use

We share a simple technique I'm using and that has helped me save money.
We all like to buy things and spend money that we won, that there is nothing wrong as long as they do not overdo it.
It is in this area where we all have different weaknesses and not everyone likes to spend money on the same things. Some people prefer to buy clothes, food, gadgets, services, and outings with friends.
But what happens as your budget is small, perhaps happened to you that you come across difficulties in reaching solvent ends meet is not it?

Daily living expenses
Every day from the time you wake up your body feels needs. Since you rise your body feels hungry, that's when you decide if you eat at home or eat on the street because maybe you got up late.
Surely the cost of eating at home would be much less than eating in the street , this is a typical way to spend more money unnecessarily, if you lift up earlier have breakfast at home and save minimally a day.
A simple technique that helps me saves money every day.
When you're facing a product or make a point of spending.
Before purchasing wait a second and ask yourself do I really need this? If you are honest most of the time your answer will be NO. See how easy way to spend less?.
Worth repeats it: When you're about to buy anything, ask yourself, do I really need this? If the answer is no, continue with your day. Did you see that nothing happens?
The money I saved by implementing this technique.
Do not know how money I saved, but if you implement that since I'm spending less. Since I implemented this technique, I have refrained from spending money on unnecessary things at least 90% of the time.
Some things I've stopped buying because they are unnecessary.
Refreshments: I'm used to drink more water than ever.
Iced tea: The solution is still water.
Donuts: The Dunkin 'Donuts are especially delicious, but I have refrained from buying especially when I go back home and have dinner ready when you arrive.
Coffee Granitas: Occasionally an aid to relax.

The technique used in all scales of life, from buying a soda in the cafeteria to buy a sports car.
As you can see, most of my unnecessary expenses are "small" food. If you take record of all these "little expenses" to make ends meet I would realize that represent a significant amount of money that is being lost (literally) in my budget. Money I'm leaving you invest or use for other things more essential.
In your case may be different, perhaps you like to spend the money on clothes, shoes, makeup, gadgets, movies, restaurants or outings with friends or girlfriends. Also in cases like that the technique works and can help you to stop spending more money than you should.
Spend less money on unnecessary things will get you trouble making ends meet.
The financial challenge
I challenge you to try this simple technique to save money a couple of weeks and come back here to tell me as I was typing your comment below.

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