Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: A Love Story

What's life like the first love between two famous? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez star in a paparazzi-proof love , of the age difference (Selena is almost two years older), and rumors of break up of paternity tests. Last December this couple met a year of dating, despite their busy schedules and changing.
Starting a romance ...
And everything seemed to start as a game in 2010 when the manager of Justin's mom called Selena with the idea that the stars were known. Perhaps even they imagined that thereafter would become the best of friends ... there was only a step to love.

Rumors came and went on dating but they were very careful at first to accept. But of course, the love began to overflow, and because they were seen hugging and holding hands .

Threats to Disney girl
But of course the fans of Justin were not at all happy with these tokens of affection. And when TMZ vacation photographs showed that both took in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia , Selena threats were immediate. She accepted that the damaging insults yes but felt the support of his followers and his family.

But one of the most romantic nights of her life would not wait. Justin invited her to accompany him to the Oscar awards and kept looking at her tenderly as they walked down the red carpet. After the party were together incredibly glamorous Vanity Fair where Selena felt like " a prom . "

And not surprising, soon after, in May 2011 made ​​a trip to Hawaii romanticism in which affection had more tests than would be expected from a couple of teenagers. But hey ... that's love!

A year of dating!
In December, played a year together and celebrated in style with a trip to Mexico Wedding leveraging a close friend of Selena. They stayed in the presidential suite of the hotel "The Windows of Heaven", which is priced at $ 4.325 overnight.

Beach combing, surfing, exotic food ... what more could order this pair of teenagers who are living full love story?
Lucky for them!

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