Monday, August 13, 2012

Closing ceremeony of Olympics - London 2012

As happened at the opening, the British music becomes the major axis driver for the entire show in the Closing Ceremony of London 2012, having a clear demonstration of the invaluable contribution they have given to the history of music, making unique versions, under the gaze of millions of spectators, standing Prince Harry as an official representative of the British nobility .

With different exponents of the British music have begun closing a historical edition of the Olympic Games, Where it has been seen hundreds of thousands of extras in the field of the stadium , doing stunts in what would be a representation of the London Eye, giving the famous stump style has many versions so far represented.

It is likely that the closeness or the importance it has had the United Kingdom in Western history, much of the performances make you feel much more identified that when the Olympics have traveled to more distant latitudes, so vibrates every moment all the millions of viewers worldwide.

Video of the athletes are issued for all stadium screens, showing the emotion of the athletes at the time of competition, especially at the time of the loss, but boasting of courage which undoubtedly are the real heroes of these Games Olympics.

The parade of athletes is more than exciting, with all the colors of the flags of the world united in this important event, sports , and from this moment to begin the musical ceremony with the presentation of the Rolling Stone.

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