Sunday, May 20, 2012

Which tablet is best? Tips for choosing a tablet PC

Thinking about renovating your technical equipment? A tablet may be what you're missing to go super fashionable and updated study or work. However, there are so many brands on the market, what is better? Here you say it.

A compelling gadget
It is undeniable that the tablets are the queens of preferences among the lovers of technology products. And although I include myself in the field of geeks , I have not one If I have to choose, I'll stick with my trusty Dell laptop and my iPod touch.
However, I know several friends who did not resist his charms and every time we go for a coffee or a pizza, do not hesitate to unsheathe their portfolios their brand new equipment as soon as we sat at the table.
This unprecedented popularity due to its practicality, its shape and size, among other features that make it very useful, almost perfect personal agenda that we all are seeking.
Also, for us, these details are suitable, as they adapt perfectly to our style of life, are ideal to pack and bag, and its design does not change our style, but rather the opposite.

So if you're thinking about buying one and not know which to choose, read this note because I will tell you all closer to choosing a tablet, and the best on the market.

Things to consider before choosing your tablet
To choose a tablet, you have to take into account a number of factors before getting caught only by their appearance. Here I tell you some points which are among the ones we are interested in:

At this point I group what I call the overall responsiveness, for example, to open a folder, view a video (how long is loaded) or execute a file of office.
For a tablet is fast, must have an efficient processor and a good storage capacity (memoriaRam and hard drive). The operating system also have will determine that a tablet is efficient.
The iPad , the most popular tablet, for example, is Apple A5 processor, which has Trapido bueos results, while its rival Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, introduces its Intel Dual Core. Both are at 1 GHz speed.
At this same speed are the processors of the Motorola Xoom (Nvidia Tegra Dual Core), the HP Touchpad (Qualcomm Snapdragon), and the Blackberry PlayBoo k (GHZ dual core Cortex A9), which is a good sign.

A tablet is very powerful as the processor is the Prime Transformer TF700T Asus has already been officially released and who comes with the new Nvidia Tegra processor 3, of no less than 4 cores.
As for memories, none of these marks are left behind, are about 1 GB of RAM.
Operating System
This aspect is critical to your tablet poker is a useful tool and does not make you deny. Lately is talking the Android OS from Google, quite efficient and lightweight. If you are interested in a tablet with this system, you have the Motorola Xoom, the Asus and Samsung Galaxy Tab
Besides the purely technical, in fact that we we are interested in how they look. And although, in general all seem a bit (they are square, roughly the size of two palms), each brand seeks to put his personal stamp.
We know how they are, in this respect, the Apple . Your iPad 1 and 2, are at first sight, beautiful. His presentation, in a case specially designed to protect it resembles an elegant man comes to pick you for an appointment, in an overcoat. I love and seduce me.

But the others are not far behind. The Asus , for example, has a very attractive design with clean lines, the Motorola also has an attractive design I love the curvilinear shape of the tips and the elegance of the Blackberry.
Still do not know why any brand are encouraged to venture into color . Apple has just launched its iPad 2 blank.
Screen Resolution
All trademarks are competing fiercely for giving you the highest image quality. Which stands out is the Motorola Xoom with its 1280 x 800 in 10.1-inch screen, one of the largest, along with the Prime Transformer Asus and Samsung Galaxy Tab.
In general, all have good resolution and good image display, as they say. As soon as you turn the screen, you will feel inbound in the world of sophisticated technology made ​​for users like you.
Photos and video 
In this regard, I would choose a resolution and size that allows me to look good and read well documents, emails, videos, etc.. It is no use to be small and easy in your portfolio whether you will do suffer for reading.

sdsdsdssrear is for video.
All other line the 1024 x 800 resolution with sizes between 7 and 10 inches. In this regard, I would choose a resolution and size that allows me to look good and read well documents, emails, videos, etc.. It is no use to be small and easy in your portfolio between whether you will do suffer for reading.

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