Sunday, May 27, 2012

Healthy tips

Five Quick tips for feeling healthy

1 - Home Juice: There is no better way to Super Charge your diet with vitamins and minerals that the vegetable juice. It can help to lower your blood pressure. 

2 - Sleep well at night: you cannot go long without enough sleep. Most people need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

3 - Try a fast: Fasting may seem counter intuitive when you're tired and need energy. However, there are many useful benefits for fasting for 24 hours. Intermittent fasting can energize your body.

4 - Play back: It's so easy to work on at your desk and let the days go by without spending enough time outside. For good health we all need to feel the sun hitting your face regularly. 

5 - Aerobic exercise easy: When you are over worked and have not been getting enough sleep, not the time to push too hard in the gym. Hard workouts are stressful to the body and should only be done when you have been putting in time to recover properly from them. 

If you are a fit person, suddenly feels unhealthy or someone who has not been taking care of himself for quite some time, these 5 tips can really help. Only one of these five quick tips are healthy as juice or intermittent fasting could have stopped feeling tired and unhealthy.

Let me know if you feel healthy and if so, I hope these tips can help.

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