Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The return of Whitney Houston

What a disgrace!!!

I remember on a day like today all the important people that moves through the world and leaves us and I get a punishment and bareness student worthy of Kierkegaard.I could talk about many things but I prefer to talk about artists who do not come to die ever. For example, Whitney Houston , who left us shaking off nearly two months ago as a storm.

It seemed impossible that a woman with a prodigious voice could die suddenly because of that death trap that is drugs. But today we have some of it, a trailer, a preview of his new film, 'Sparkel', a comedy drama which hits theaters in August and which plays the mother of three would-be artists. They say that this film, which brought her to the cinema after 15 years without shooting, returned the enthusiasm and drive that eventually were taken from him forever on 11 February. Here you can see the preview:

No proof of drugs was discovered on the landscape, but the medication was discovered in her system.

Houston, whose medication use and intermittent conduct had surpassed her varied music profession, passed away the day before the Grammy Prizes at age 48. The "I Will Always Love You" superstar's body was discovered absorbed under the sea in a shower on it all floor of the place, and when urgent situation physicians came, it was too overdue. She could not be improved and was noticeable deceased 30 minutes after 911 was called.

Police researchers provided subpoenas to physicians and drug stores in order to determine whether prescribed medications felled the celebrity.

Houston was laid to rest Feb. 19 in a New Nj graveyard following a star-studded funeral service at her child years chapel in Newark.

 Thank you.

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