Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Signs of great attitude

A successful person is distinguished by its positive mental attitude and by many other factors.
 The signs of great attitude: 

- Self-confidence: Belief in yourself and your abilities

- Focus on solutions: As Miguel Angel Cornejo says, people of excellence are part of the solution, the failed part of the problem.

- Persistence:   For more super great plans you have and more willing to advance you have, if there persistence, plans and therefore zero, zero results. Well, yes, but negative results! Persists to achieve what you set in spite of adversity.

- Sense of responsibility: not only for their lives and achieving their goals but their loved ones and the welfare of others. That is, the sense of responsibility is aimed at supporting the needy.

- Vision: beings have a vision of success. Come see what others do not! Likewise are winners, winners of the medals of success in life. Also, see opportunities where others do not.

- Dedication: A person with positive mental attitude is dedicated. Do not waste time on things that do not contribute to its growth!

- Passion:   A good sign of positive mental attitude is the passion that successful people are dedicated to achieving their goals, their work, their studies. They like what they do! He says the world-renowned investor Warren Buffet. "I love doing business and making money .."

- Thoughts winners: In the minds and hearts of a person with good attitude, there are only winners thoughts, prosperity, abundance, service!

Persevere in what you do to achieve your goals and dreams which should be your main motivation to keep going!

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