Friday, January 11, 2013

Difference between being in love or being a love addict

We have to remember that love is a feeling that comes and often without looking. We dream of finding the right person and in line with us to share the rest of our lives with. However, when the love becomes an obsession can be a nightmare that has nothing to do with feeling.

It may be that the desire to fall in love and share a life with someone lead us to forget the true meaning of love and confuse the symptoms and live a life that has nothing to do with the true feelings.

Having a steady partner, and find the father of your children is the dream of many women, is a wonderful thing and is part of life. But the problem comes when your world is limited to it and do not see beyond. You may feel an addition that has nothing to do with love.
With love and share a life when there are no conditions, no limitations and is simply feel good next to the other person no more . However, it may happen that you are in love with the idea of love that has nothing to do with feeling. You can ground the idea of not having anyone to your side, to be alone and not paying attention to the real feeling.

So many women face so hard that their relationship is nothing more than a mere concept, a situation that has nothing to do with love. Turn to their partners to please them without looking at his true feelings. They abandon their friends because they think they have to be constantly vigilant to their partner and become almost obsessive and controlling .

Instead they are overly jealous . They say they have a bit of jealousy is the way the other person know that you care, but everything in its measure. One thing is jealousy and other possessions. There insecurities showing jealousy between partners, think that if you are not aware of the other people 24 hours a day, the idyllic dream will end, that is to have added to the idea we call love.

Falling in love is good and is a wonderful feeling, but like everything else, the additions are never good.

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